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5 Awards to invent our electric future

EDF launched the EDF Pulse Awards to promote innovation and to contribute to the developments of the future.

Its goal?  Showcase and provide tangible support to European start-ups that are joining forces, creating and inventing tomorrow’s future.

This year, EDF remains as committed as ever and launched its 4th edition in a row to highlight and reward the projects of young, talented entrepreneurs, who innovate to help society progress by inventing our electric future.

This 2017 edition will reward 5 winners, with:

  • 4 Jury Awards (1 per category), attributed by a Grand Jury made of experts and personalities
  • 1 Audience Awards, attributed after a voting campaign lasting for weeks.

On top, all five winners will get a media campaign and up to €100,000 grant to get projects off the ground. 


Application period to 2017 EDF Pulse Awards is now closed.

Smart Home

Smart Home category is for late-stage products or services that contribute to safer, more comfortable, more autonomous, and more affordable accommodation - whether individually or collectively – enabling inhabitants to manage their equipment locally or remotely, to manage smartly and responsibly their energy consumption, their comfort and their security, etc.  

automation solution, connected objects, home-care service provider, energy efficiency, self-consumption…

Smart Business

Smart Business category is for late-stage products or services contributing to industries of the future and which aim at improving technical, environmental and energy performance in industrial processes, new customers’ relationship... 

artificial intelligence, BOT, smart data, smart building, augmented operator, blockchain, smart factory, IoT, smart maintenance, digital security, self-consumption…

Smart Health

Smart Health category is for late-stage products or services using new technologies to improve health and well-being at every stage of life: smart medicine, safety and aftercare, monitoring and self-reliance, etc. 

connected health, medical robotics, quantified self, telemedicine, artificial intelligence, e-aftercare, e-assistance, e-rehabilitation…

Smart City

Smart City category is for late-stage products or services that make cities easier to live in, more human-centered, more effective, while reducing the environmental impact of urban areas.

smart street lighting, smart street furniture, smart grid, energy efficiency, storage, renewable energy, electric mobility…



Planning: What are the steps of the contest?




Eligibility Criteria: Who can apply?


You are a Europe-based start-up or small company with an innovative project following one of these categories?


Before you apply, make sure your start-up and project meet the following criteria:


  • Your start-up is domiciled in a European country before 8th of March 2017
  • Your start-up hires less than 30 employees
  • Your start-up is independent of a corporate group of over 500 people
  • Your innovation participates in “inventing our electric future” and qualifies for at least one of the four categories: Smart Home, Smart City, Smart Business, Smart Health
  • By September 2017, your product will be at the stage of prototype or at least mocked up before the Grand Jury, ready to be presentable to the general public
  • Your innovation will be launched by the end of 2017 or is already on the market for less than a year

A special case for Smart Health: Your solution is set to enter the clinical trials stage by the end of 2017.