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EDF Pulse finalists in 20184 Awards to become the energy game changer
EDF launched the EDF Pulse Start-up Awards to support innovation and be an actor of tomorrow. Our ambition? Support French and European start-ups working and innovating for the energy transition and new electrical uses.
 The 6th edition will award 4 EDF Pulse Start-up Prizes:  
  • 3 by the Grand Jury: 1st Prize, 2nd Prize and 3rd Prize of the Jury
  • 1 by the public, following an online voting campaign: the Audience Award.

Each winner will benefit from a public communication campaign and up to 100,000 euros to support their development.

The 2019 submission period has ended.












3 categories

to meet with 3 great challenges


Innovating to meet great wellness challenges, through the augmented home to connected health: designing a more accessible living environment and giving easier access to health services that anticipate more and heal better.


Technical or technological solutions allowing wellness and quality of life improvement: connected home, monitoring, and autonomy, quantified self, augmented self, new diagnostic technics, teleconsultation, medical robotics, etc.



Changing our cities and territories to meet demographic and environmental challenges by reorganising collective and individual infrastructures, as well as living spaces to production and organisation modes.


Technical or technological solutions fostering smart city, territories, and housing planning: energy management, mobility, space sharing, street furniture, circular economy, urban logistics, Agritech, etc.


Speeding up the transformation of tools and methods for more efficient work, by combining organisations’ performances and individual achievements.


Technical or technological solutions improving operational, social and environmental performances: robotics/augmented operator, connected factories, smart maintenance, energy production, dematerialisation, HR Analytics, etc.





The calendar : How is the contest organized?




Eligibility criteria: Who can apply?


You are a young European start-up or SME with an innovating project in one of those categories?


Before applying, make sure your company or project comply with the following criteria:


  • Your start-up has been registered in a European country before 23/05/2019
  • Your start-up counts less than 30 employees
  • Your start-up is independent of a corporate group of more than 500 employees
  • You have a demonstrator ready to present your innovation in October 2019 before a Grand Jury
  • Your innovation is on the market for less than one year or will be by the end of 2019

    For Connected Wellness: if your project requires clinical trials, those must have started by the end of 2019