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Terms and Conditions
Amended version dated from May 23rd 2019





ELECTRICITE DE FRANCE, limited company with a capital of 1 505 133 838 Euro, having its headquarters at 22-30 avenue de Wagram, 75382 Paris Cedex 08, France, entered in the Paris Trade Register under number B 552 081 317, referred to in this document as 'EDF' or 'the Organiser', and represented by its Chief Executive Officer, is holding the 'EDF Pulse Start-up Awards' (hereafter referred to as the 'Start-up Awards') from 10 April 2019 to 16 October 2019 included.



EDF, one of the world's leading energy companies, develops innovative solutions for a low-carbon energy mix and strives for frugal and efficient electricity consumption.

In furtherance of these objectives, EDF launched the 'EDF Pulse' programme to support innovation in society and incentivise progress. 


As part of the EDF Pulse program, the EDF Pulse Start-up Awards reward French and European start-ups innovating to further energy transition and new electric uses each year.


For the sixth edition, start-ups will present their innovative project in one of the three categories:


  • Connected wellness

Innovating to great wellness challenges, through the augmented home to connected health: designing more accessible living environment and giving easier access to health services that anticipate more and heal better.


  • Sustainable territories

Changing our cities and territories to meet demographic and environmental challenges by reorganising collective and individual infrastructures, as well as living spaces to production and organisation modes.


  • Future of work

Speeding up the transformation of tools and methods for more efficient work, by combining organisations’ and individual achievements.


4 awards will be distributed:


-       3 Jury prizes (1 per category), attributed by a jury of public figures after a series of presentation from finalists. These 3 Awards are defined as such:

  • The 1st Jury prize

  • The 2nd Jury prize

  • The 3rd Jury prize


-       The “Audience Award” will be attributed by a public vote after a communication campaign of several weeks. During this campaign, finalists from the 3 categories will be subject to an online public vote, from “The Audience”. The internet-users are referred to as “The Audience”. The Audience will select its favourite project.


Up to 3 special mentions may also be attributed by the Jury. These will be awarded to finalists whose project deserves recognition for the progress initiated or its social or environmental impact.



To be eligible for entry, a project must:

-       Be presented by the founder and/or the Managing Director of a small business (its representative must have the authority to make corporate decisions) (see article 3.1) in the form of a full application and on time (see article 3.2)

-       Be innovative and use electricity,

-       Correspond to one of the 3 categories (see article 2)

-       Be at an advanced stage of development:

  • Have already been prototyped, or at least mocked up, before October 2019, therefore allowing a demonstration before the Grand Jury to understand the project.

  • Plan to enter the market launch phase by the end of 2019 or be marketed for less than a year (see article 3.2)

  • Or for Connected Wellness, the project requires clinical trials, those must be scheduled to start by the end of 2019


Besides, the project must not contradict EDF’s values.


Merely participating in the “EDF PULSE START-UP AWARDS” implies a full and unconditional acceptance of the rules in its entirety, which is a contract between the Organiser and the Project Manager, and an honoured commitment to guarantee the sincerity and the truthfulness of the information provided. 


3.1      Corporate entities eligible to enter


Entry into the EDF Pulse Awards is open to all small businesses (start-up, micro company, SMEs):

  • Created before 23/05/2018,

  • Based in geographic Europe (see country list in the FAQ)

  • Made up of less than 30 people,

  • Of which no corporate group of over 500 persons holds more than 50% of the capital or 50% of the voting rights


3.2      The applications must be submitted on time and in the form of a full application


To be eligible for the Awards, the project promoters must complete an application by visiting the website https://awards-pulse.edf.com/?lang=en 


Project promoters will be able to create an account, which will give them access to the application form. The application form will enable them to prepare their file and submit it.

The application file should include a minimum of:

  • The completed application form, submitted by May 27th2019 including:

    • The project logo

    • The organisation and its team

    • Developed innovation, its market and business model

    • The state of development of the project: tests, prototypes, fundraising, business contact, supports and partners, prizes, etc.

  • An HD photo of the team required format: JPEG or PNG, 800 x 600 pixels minimum

  • A 2-3 minute video pitch, in which the founders are presenting their project and their motivation to take part in the EDF Pulse Start-up Awards. The projects shall be represented in the video. The video will be submitted via an URL. The video must be private, non-index or public, and must be hosted on the platform YouTube. 

Registration will be closed on 27/05/2019 at 11:00pm (GMT+1).

The organiser has the right to close registration before this date if there are over 400 applications.


At the time they send in their application, project promoters will receive an electronic notice confirming receipt. They might be asked to clarify details and/or to provide evidence on the file by the Organiser or the team’s representative.


The Organiser reserves the right not to examine a project if its file does not fulfil all selection criteria.


Applications submitted with missing information or after the date defined above will be ineligible. Any inaccurate or false statements, or fraud, may lead to the Candidate being disqualified.




The received projects will be evaluated based on the following selection criteria:

  • Quality/durability of a solution

  • Impact on/progress brought to society

  • Economic viability of the project

  • Quality of the team (vision, complementarity, experiences, skills…)

  • Reach/Ecosystem of the structure


These criteria will be examined at the different stages of the selection process, set out in article 5.




The projects, that meet the selection criteria of the EDF Pulse Awards (see Article 3) and that have applied on the application website, https://awards-pulse.edf.com/?lang=en, are referred to as “Candidates”.

The 12 to 15 teams whose projects selected to be presented to the Grand Jury are called “Finalists”.

The 4 teams whose projects have been selected by the Grand Jury or in a public vote are called “Winners”.


5.1      Analysis and approval of applications by a selection committee


Each application received on the application website and that meet the selection criteria and conditions of entry will be considered Candidates and will be granted visibility on EDF corporate website http://edf.fr/prixedfpulse : each Candidate will have its name, possibly its organisation logo (provided it has been transmitted in the application file) and a link to its website or social media.

Each application file will be analysed by a “selection committee” made up of internal and external innovation experts of the EDF Group, who will assess them based on the selection criteria mentioned in article 4.

EDF cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of the information used from applicant files used for this selection.

Candidates might be asked to answer additional questions addressed by the Organiser, in order to assess them more accurately. 


5.2      Selection of 12-15 Finalists


Based on additional information collected, an internal jury, supervised by the EDF Head of Communication and composed of managers in the EDF Group, will identify 12-15 Finalist projects (4-5 in each category) which will be presented to the Grand Jury.


5.3      Selection of the 4 Winners by a Grand Jury

A “Grand Jury”, chaired by a member of the senior management for the EDF Group and made up of personalities will meet in October 2019 to hear oral presentations from the Finalists.

The Founders or Managing Director of each Finalist project is committed to making him/herself available for this event, as well as for the support phase, which lasts 1-2 days and is planned before the Grand Jury session. The travel and accommodation costs for one or two representatives from each “Finalist” project will be covered by the Organiser.


Each member of the Grand Jury will judge the “pitch” (oral presentation) of each Finalist, keeping the pre-selection criteria in mind.

The “pitches” from the Finalists may be filmed for use in later communications.

Only the Grand Jury has the power to choose 1 Winner per category and award the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Jury prizes.


5.4      Choosing 1 Winner in a public vote


After a 5-to-6-weeks communication campaign, a 4th Winner will be selected in a public vote.

Voting will be opened to all Internet users from mid-August 2019 to September 2019. All Finalists will be subjected to the public vote. Each voter will select his or her favourite project among the 12 to 15 Finalist projects – all categories combined.

At the end of the voting period, the project that received the most will be declared the Winner. Provided two projects are tied, a random draw between these two projects will designate the Audience Award Winner.  

Rules for counting up of the votes will be clarified at that occasion. The vote count will be certified as accurate by a bailiff, who will issue an official report at the end of the voting.

Non-winning projects will not be able to appeal the results.




EDF Pulse Agency is a communication plan created in 2016. It aims at supporting the Finalists in their public communication and before the Grand Jury.

This communication plan runs from July to October 2019 and offers – non-inclusively – communication tools and advice in order to help Finalists during their public vote campaign, as well as an intensive coaching session to improve their pitch for the Grand Jury.




The EDF Pulse Start-up Awards will be presented during an event, which will take place in the Paris area, France, in October 2019.

The Finalist teams must be committed to being available for the event. Each Finalist must be represented by at least one of its members and must present a model or prototype of their innovation.  

Their project might be presented in a start-up exhibition.

The Organiser will organise the travel and accommodation of one or two members of each team, as well as for the models and prototypes.

The awards ceremony will be filmed and may be broadcast or re-broadcast online, in particular on social media.

Each winning team will receive a “2019 EDF Pulse Start-up Awards” trophy specific to its category: “1st Prize”, “2nd Prize”, “3rd Prize”, and the “Audience Award”.

The awards are non-transferrable. They may not be challenged in any way, nor exchanged or returned for any reason whatsoever. Consequently, no disputes of any sort will receive a reply. If a Winning Team does not want to claim its prize money or cannot, it will not be entitled to any compensation.



Key stages


Submission of applications

Opens on April 10th 2019

Ends on May 27th 2019 

Selection of Top 40 and presentation on EDF website

June 2019

Internal Jury: selection of the 12 to 15 Finalistprojects

July 4th 2019

EDF Pulse Agency

July to October 2019

Communication campaign for Public vote

August to September 2019

Public vote: selection of 1 project among all Finalists, all categories combined, as Winner of “Audience Award”

August to September 2019

Grand Jury Communication coaching session for Finalists

October 1st & 2nd 2019

Grand Jury: selection of 3 winners “1st Prize”, “2nd Prize”, “3rd Prize” and eventual “Special mentions”

October 2nd 2019

EDF Pulse Start-up Awards Ceremony – 4 Winners and eventual special mentions

October 16th 2019

*dates are subject to change




  • Each Candidate project will be briefly presented on the website http://edf.fr/prixedfpulse with the following elements, provided in the application form: project name, logo (if it has been transmitted in the application file), and link to its website or social media.

EDF cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of the published information used for the candidate statements. All of these projects will also benefit from visibility due to public communication campaigns around the EDF Pulse Awards (publicity, website, social networks).


  • Each of the 12-15 Finalists will have its own presentation article on http://edf.fr/prixedfpulse with the following elements: organisation name and project name, logo (if it has been transmitted in the application file), domiciled country,


    of the project, and link to its website or social media…

Each of the 12-15 Finalists will be invited to a day of the Grand Jury and to a communication coaching which will be the object of advertisements on http://edf.fr/prixedfpulse (articles, photos, videos). They will also be invited to the Awards ceremony and asked to present their projects.

They will also benefit from an advertising and promotion campaign calling on the general public to vote.

  • The 4 Winners (Grand Jury Award and Audience Award)will each receive:

    • 100k€ for the 1st Prize, awarded by the Jury

    • 50k€ for the 2nd Prize, awarded by the Jury

    • 30k€ for the 3rd Prize, awarded by the Jury

    • 50k€ for the Prize Award


The grant will contribute to the further development of their projects. The grant will be paid by bank transfer or by cheque to the winning team’s company.

They will also benefit from a promotional campaign led by EDF at the end of the ceremony, during the last semester of 2019, and invited by the EDF Group to participate in internal and external public relations events (forums, symposiums…) allowing the winners to present their projects and develop their networks.


  • The eventual recipient teams from a special mention will also benefit from a promotional campaign led by EDF at the end of the ceremony, during the last semester of 2019, and invited by the EDF Group to participate in internal and external public relations events (forums, symposiums…) allowing the winners to present their projects and develop their networks.




10.1      Intellectual Property

  • For the projects:

All intellectual and industrial property rights related to the delivery of projects submitted by the Candidates remain the property of the project promoters in question.

The Candidate hereby certifies that they hold intellectual and industrial property rights or that they have the necessary permission relating to all intellectual and industrial property rights in connection with the project in question. They hereby safeguard the Organiser against any claim by any third party with regards to all intellectual and industrial property rights related to this project, as well as the financial consequences for which they hereby declare they shall take full responsibility.

The Candidate hereby certifies that they are not bound by any obligation relating to the project or the variously related creations that could restrict their eligibility to take part.

Under no circumstances may the Organiser be held liable should a project or its constituent parts include reproductions of protected works.

Entering the Awards may not be interpreted as bestowing on the Organiser and their representatives any permission or rights in terms of industrial or commercial use of the aforementioned confidential information. However, the Organiser will be entitled to communicate about the projects as stipulated below. (10.2)


  • Use of the EDF and EDF Pulse brands:

The Candidates may include a link from their website to the website http://edf.fr/prixedfpulse and use the names EDF and EDF Pulse in written but not graphical form.

The graphical use of the EDF and EDF Pulse brands shall be reserved to Candidates who have received a special written authorization setting the agreed terms of use.

All Candidates are more than welcome to communicate about the EDF Pulse Awards on social media by using the #EDFPulse hashtag.


  • Use of the Candidates’ projects brands:

Each Candidate gratuitously authorizes EDF to use its brand, logo and Candidates’ projects presentation for in-house and external communication, on any media – including the internet (especially EDF Pulse section on the website http://edf.fr/prixedfpulse) and social media during the time of the Concourse and for 5 years after the end of EDF Pulse Awards.


10.2      Confidentiality

The entirety of the elements provided by the Candidates in their application file are confidential and for the sole use of the selection committee, jury and its experts. The Organiser shall guarantee this confidentiality.

The Organiser, the people appointed by the Organiser, and in particular the members of the selection committee and those of the jury shall treat the information they receive through examining the projects as confidential. This information cannot be disclosed without the prior written agreement of the Candidates.


Nevertheless, the Organiser may:

  • Communicate to the press and publish on http://edf.fr/prixedfpulse, the following elements: the name of the project and the name of the organisation, domiciled country, pictures of the project and the team, a logo if the organisation has one, a link to the organisation’s corporate website or its social media

  • Make public, with the team’s consent, the essential and non-confidential features of the projects submitted, including a brief description written by the candidate explicitly for publication, without compensation of any kind.


Each Candidate is solely responsible for judging whether confidential information should be protected and the arrangements for such protection.


10.3      Processing personal data

Participation in the EDF Pulse Start-Up Awards requires the communication of the Candidate's personal data ("Personal Data").

In compliance with the European regulation no. 2016/679, or General Regulation for the Protection of the Data (GRPD) and the provisions of French Law no. 78-17 of January 6th 1978 on data processing, files and civil liberties. The organiser processes Personal Data concerning the candidates so as to allow their taking part in the EDF Pulse Start-Up Awards.

The legal basis of the processing is the execution of the contract that constitutes this regulation.

Recipients: The Personal Data collected as part of the EDF Pulse Start-Up Awards will be communicated to the service provider commissioned by the Organiser to assist in the sourcing and evaluation/selection of the projects.

Duration of data retention: Personal data are kept at least for the duration of the relationship established with the candidates, and up to 3 years from the date of acceptance of the present regulation.

Rights of persons: In compliance with the regulation “Informatique et Libertés” and the General Regulation for the Protection of the Data, users are informed that they have a right to oppose, access, correct, limit, delete and exercise their portability right on their personal data.
These rights can be exercised:

  • by email (contact-edfpulse@edf.fr)
  • or by writing to:

Direction de la communication
Direction Digitale et Editoriale
22 - 30, avenue de Wagram
75008 Paris

Should you require any information or should you need to exercise your rights, you may contact the Data Protection Officer chosen by the organiser at the following address: 

Délégué à la protection des données
Tour EDF - 20 place de la Défense
92050 Paris La Défense Cedex
or by email at: informatique-et-libertes@edf.fr


You may also bring your case before the French Commission on Informatics and Liberty (CNIL, Commission Nationale Informatique et Libertés).


10.4      Permission to use the images of candidate teams and to present their projects


Each member of the candidate teams grants the Organiser or any other person appointed by them, permission to use photos and videos as part of the EDF Pulse Awards application, on any media to promote the project and/or the EDF Pulse Start-up Awards.


Each member of the Candidate teams grants the Organiser, or any other person appointed by them, permission to photograph, film or record them and use their image, voice, comments and the presentation of their project, in a non-confidential way, as set out in article 10.2, recorded in any format during reporting, filming and/or interviews carried out when preparing or promoting the awards, and at the EDF Pulse Start-up Awards, at no cost.


Camera shots and interviews produced in this way shall be used solely as part of the internal and external communication of EDF or any company belonging to the EDF group, whether national or international, for the purposes of training, promotion or notifying the public about its activities.


This permission relates in particular to the right to represent or arrange for the representation of, to reproduce or arrange for the reproduction of, all or some of the photographs and films of the Candidate team, excluding confidential information (see article 10.2) whether directly by the Organiser, through any third party authorized by the Organiser, anywhere in the world, by any means and using any technical procedure known or unknown to date, particularly through print, broadcast or online news, on any media and in any format, and circulate them in both the commercial and non-commercial sectors, and the public and private sectors, for the purpose of public or domestic viewings.


This permission also bestows on the Organiser, or any other person they may appoint, the right to use, copy and circulate, in full or in part, on any media and according to the aforementioned conditions, any comments that may have been made by the representative of the Candidate team as part of EDF Group's internal and external communication about the Awards.


This permission to use images is valid for 5 years from the acceptance date of these rules.




11.1      Obligations of all project promoters:

Overall, the project manager is forbidden to engage at any part of the competition in acts such as transmission, publication, posting online or any content distribution and/or data of any kind that would be against the law or that would affect public order, EDF’s rights or the rights of the third parties.


Without making this list too exhaustive, project managers must respect the following rules in particular:

  • Give accurate information when applying and during the use of the website https://awards-pulse.edf.com/?lang=en;

  • Do not use a fake identity;

  • Only create one account when registering;

  • Comply with the terms and conditions of the site;

  • Do not create, distribute, transmit, communicate or store in any way whatsoever content, information and/or data that is defamatory, insulting, derogatory, obscene, pornographic, child pornography, violent or encourages violence, that is of a political nature, racist, xenophobic, discriminatory and, more generally, any information or data that contradicts public order or morality;

  • Respect the intellectual property rights relating to content on the EDF Pulse websites, as well as the intellectual property rights of third parties;

  • Do not divert or attempt to divert the features on the application site from its normal use;

  • Do not release content, information or data of any kind that is not true;

  • Respect the privacy of other users and, more generally, do not infringe on their rights;

  • Do not use the EDF Pulse sites to send unsolicited emails (public or private).


11.2      Obligation of the candidates:

  • Grant the Organiser permission to communicate to the general public the title of the project and the essential characteristics of the projects as defined in 10.2;

  • Grant the Organiser permission to use the images attached to the project, particularly the images of the Candidates;

  • If the Candidate team is selected to be among the Top 40: commit to being available, if need be, to answer additional questions so as to better evaluate the project, the team and the competition.


11.3      Obligations of the Finalists:

  • Commit to being available so that the Organiser, or one of its appointed partners, can create communication tools (videos, photos, interviews) regarding the projects;

  • These communication tools may be used for communication campaign for the public vote or generally for communication about EDF Pulse Awards;

  • The Founder, or at least the Managing Director, of the Finalist


    must commit to being available for one to two days in the month before the jury meeting for coaching and communication services preceding that date

  • The founder, or at least the Managing Director of the Finalist project, must commit to being available for the day of the jury in order to promote his/her project in front of the Grand Jury;

  • Grant the Organiser permission to take a video of the presentation “pitches” before the jury for later use in communication;

  • Commit to being represented by at least one of the team member at the Awards ceremony and to present their model or prototype, or even the final product if it is finished, at the ceremony.


11.4      Obligations of the Winners:

  • Commit to being available for up to 5 days for the 12 months following the Awards ceremony to ensure the promotion of the EDF Pulse Awards internally and externally, on request of the Organiser.

  • Commit to providing the Organiser with information about how the project is developing within 24 months of the Awards Ceremony, on request.


11.5      Obligations of the Winners: 

  • Commit to being available for up to 5 days for the 12 months following the Awards ceremony to ensure the promotion of the EDF Pulse Awards internally and externally, on request of the Organiser.

  • Commit to providing the Organiser with information about how the project is developing within 24 months of the Awards Ceremony, on request.



12.1      Access to the application site


EDF cannot be held liable if one or more project promoters are unable to visit the application website for reasons of technical failure or any problem related in particular but not limited to:

  • Network traffic

  • Human or electrical error

  • Malicious intrusion

  • Telephone connection

  • Hardware or software

  • Any hardware or software malfunctions - an event of force majeure


12.2      Fraud


The Organiser reserves the right to request from the Candidates all forms of proof in support of the information collected regarding the application. Any false or inaccurate statements, and any fraud, will lead to the disqualification of the project promoter; the checking or screening processes conducted by the various Awards officials are considered decisive.


If such statements or fraud are discovered after the Award Ceremony, and concern one of the 3 winners, the Organiser shall have sole discretion to request the repayment of all or some of the prize money. EDF also reserves the right to take legal action against anyone alleged to have committed or attempted fraud.


EDF cannot be held liable in any way with respect to project promoters for any fraud they may have committed.


If a Candidate fails to adhere to the rules, EDF reserves the right to disqualify him without the project promoter being able to claim any restitution whatsoever.


12.3      Voting


The Organiser cannot be held liable if the vote is cancelled, extended, shortened, altered or postponed due to force majeure or circumstances beyond its will. Any changes will be indicated in advance by appropriate means, and a new set of rules will be filed with a bailiff.


The Organiser cannot be held liable for any Internet malfunctions that prevent the vote from proceeding, particularly due to outside malicious acts. Each person is solely responsible for their own visit to the website and participation in the voting.


The Organiser also cannot be held liable if one or more voters cannot connect to the website due to any technical failures or problems due to network traffic.

In all cases, if the proper administrative and/or technical operation of the voting is disrupted by a virus, computer bug, unauthorised human intervention, or any other cause beyond the Organiser's control, the Organiser reserves the right to suspend or interrupt the voting.



Solely French laws govern these rules.

Any dispute that may occur regarding the interpretation of these rules shall be expressly submitted for the discretion of EDF, who will make the final decision.

No claims relating to the Awards shall be acknowledged after fifteen (15) days have passed following the close of the Awards.


EDF reserves the right to modify, postpone, extend, or simply cancel the Awards, without any of the Candidates being entitled to any sort of compensation as a result. The Organiser may in no way be held liable should the rules be amended for any reason, even if no notice is given. Project promoters shall be notified of any changes via the website and the amended regulations will automatically replace the old ones.


The rules have been legally filed with: Maître Sandrine PANHARD, Court Bailiff, 14 rue du Faubourg St Honoré, 78008 Paris – France, spanhard@huissierparis.net – (+33)


They can be viewed and downloaded at EDF.fr